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Time Line
Current Situation Map
The Current Turn - Campaign Turn 24 - 2160 AD

Time Line


The timeline Indicates the 44 game turns (minor bars), with build turns marked (major bars) every four turns. The current turn (24) is indicated in red. Conflicts are marked with a battle symbol (Battle Symbol) are named (Schedar 1) and a faction symbol is also given (ESU Aggressor, IJSN Defender) showing which factions are battling. Aggressor colour is on the left (green or ESU) and defender on the right (in this case red or IJSN).

Current Situation Map

Map of current events showing combat at Cephei and Draconis

The situation map shows the starting position of the four human players and the Non-Player Kra'Vak. These are marked with their flags. Scout ships are free to roam to all parts of the map. Fleets of combat capable ships must remain within eight hexes of Command Centres (Command Center). As a consequence the areas of the map reachable by player combat fleets is limited. These spheres of influence are denoted by areas with coloured borders (NSL is grey / black, ESU is green / green, IJSN is pink / red and OU is blue / blue). Areas where two players influence over lap are given in light brown and where three players overlap in dark brown. Naturally, only in areas of overlap can players conduct battles.

Planetary systems of interest are named, and site of known battles are marked with a battle symbol (Battle Symbol). If there have been more than one battle in a system, it is still denoted by a single symbol. Events occuring this turn are marked with a star symbol (Star).

A large scale map of the game play area is located here, courtesy of David Billinghurst and Antony Spalding.

The Current Turn - Campaign Turn 24 - 2160 AD

In the current turn, two major events have occurred. At Cephei two large fleets are in combat - the attacking ESU versus the defending NSL. This is the Fourth Battle of Cephei, and results in a crushing defeat for the NSL, who also lose their colony.

The other event is a large battle against the Kra'Vak at Draconis.

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