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Greetings, my name is Christopher Harrod and I am a technical writer with the BBC, living in London. I have a background in genetic engineering. Below are images of some of the interesting things that have happened to myself or my friends recently.

Chepstow Castle, south east Wales Notre Dame
Chepstow Castle, Wales Notre Dame, Paris

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Westminster at Christmas Stonehenge Snow
Big Ben The original Stonehenge Snow

Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon Stonehenge Aotearoa Dillingham gliding
Jupiter & Moon conjunction Stonehenge Aotearoa Gliding in Hawaii

I currently write software and procedural manuals, which is moderately creative, and I also occasionally contribute art reviews to a New Zealand online art website In the past I have written and published poetry and won prizes for my short stories.

Herein you will find some of the things that obsess me, and hopefully, I will make you obsess about them too.

To this end I have added a Blog.

To aid understanding, I have tidied this site up a little. I have stripped out the old index page (the old one can still be found here). As always I have kept the lst of my top 100 favourite movies, books and pieces of music. I also maintain a list of links divided into subjects that currently obsess me.

For the sake of coherency, all such sites need a theme, and if I had to pick mine it would be this:

I think technology is a good thing. I agree in principle with conservation, and I believe the two can go hand-in-hand - with science and technology creating new and better ways of generating power, feeding us, and fighting disease. There is no doubt that people in the first world live longer, and lead better lives than any people in all of history. The poorest people in New Zealand still have more creature comforts than medieval kings! The key to our continuing development is sustaining this level of life without destroying the environment; and also in sharing what we have more evenly.

"The peace would be kept by peoples who lived in their own way and were not ambitious. Our power placed us above the rest. We were like rich men dwelling at peace in their habitations." - Winston S. Churchill

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Full Thrust: Fleet actions in deep space!
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